Financial Management Consulting

Financial Management Consulting

Reduce Perceived Risk

Achieve Profitability

Maintain Positive Cash Flow

Geoff Lindemer, CPA

“Geoff ultimately led the way – a way that the Marine and Department of State leadership in the Al Anbar Province would note as a very effective ‘jump start’ of this key public function.”



Early Stage

Establish Strong Systems


Strengthen Existing Systems

Late Stage

Prepare for Sale / Liquidation



Strengthen existing systems for greater focus on mission.





Execute development projects in emerging market countries.



Personal and Professional Consulting

Personal and Professional Coaching

Career Change

Salary Increase

Project Completion


Improve Professional Relationships

Buy A Business

Sell My Business

Deb Lindemer, M.A.

“I was slightly overwhelmed with a project I had taken on as an entrepreneur and I was having a hard time prioritizing and taking effective action. Deb helped me to get focused on what needed to be done and what steps I needed to take to get where I wanted to be. Her objective input has been an invaluable aid to keeping me on track.”

Get Excited

Enable individuals, staff, and teams to bridge the gap between where they are today and where they want to be.

Get Focused

Help individuals, staff and teams make successful transitions.

Get Certain

Help clear away the clutter, self-limiting thoughts and energy drains that keep you from being your best self.

Get Started

Define clear and actionable steps, create an action plan that works for you and see forward movement with follow up and accountability.

Get focused about making a
successful transition and identify
how you will make it.

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