with Deb Lindemer


Thinking About Your Current Role in the Company and Future Career Options

“I have been working with Deb or a few months as a Career Coach. The focus of our work has been on both my current role and thinking about next career options in the future. I would highly recommend Deb as a Coach.”   Laurie

Assistance with Personal and Business Growth and Development

Deb worked with Lida for two years coaching her to develop both personally and professionally. Her work as a Performing Artist in the field of education greatly expanded during our time together.

Help Trouble Shooting Solutions and Options

“Deb is an innovator and gifted coach.”   Debbie  

“Her positive and warm personality made her great to work with!”   Julie

Coaching for Student Success

“As an educator, trainer, project manager, facilitator and Life Coach, Deb has a keen awareness of learning styles and habits of and compassion for those in the learning environment. She goes the extra miles in all of her projects to ensure that she is providing both her personal and professional best. Deb exudes leadership qualities upon which individuals and organizations can depend.”   Dr. McGrath

Understanding Your Relationship with Money

“I have had the good fortune of working with Deb as my Life Coach. Her clarity is profound. With Deb, you know that you have the fiercest, most loving and keen guide helping you to see the way, cheering you on, unwavering in her positive presence. I trust every word she says and feel the power of her questions and vision leading me back to my best self. Whether being coached on my relationship with money or my role as a mother, I am always guided by Deb into the truth. I feel in her presence a bravery to face down, name and overcome whatever obstacles are there. Deb always guides me into the truth, my truth.”   Hillary

Creating Experiences and Success that are Missing in Your Life

“We’ve all heard about Goethe’s maxim “whatever you can do, or dream, you can begin it.” I always used to wonder, OK, but HOW to begin? And perhaps more importantly, HOW to CONTINUE after beginning? If you wonder this, too, you need Deb! I’ve been amazed how, with Deb’s coaching, taking those first incremental steps has given exponential results. She offers both the practical and the spiritual support to help you learn how to create the experience and the success that you might feel are missing in your life.” Liza

Project Planning and Completion

“I was slightly overwhelmed with a project I had taken on as an entrepreneur and I was having a hard time prioritizing and taking effective action. Deb helped me to get focused on what needed to be done and what steps I needed to take to get where I wanted to be. Her objective input has been an invaluable aid to keeping me on track.”   Eileen

Entrepreneur / Business Owner

“We were so fortunate as a family to have had the experience at The Keyboard Kids, a company Deb founded in Stowe in 1990 and ran successfully until 2000. She was the first to introduce computer skills and access to educational enrichment activities to our community and those experiences were invaluable to all of my children. Deb is an innovator and gifted coach!”   Debbie


“Deb is a detail oriented, yet a global thinker and practical facilitator. She sees positive opportunities in difficult meetings and can build consensus and creative solutions in order to move a project from a concept to a quality hands-on program. Deb’s areas of strength….ability to work with a diverse group of people, understanding of behavioral patterns in people…”   Renee

Deb developed and coordinated a project for ten medical professionals from Kyrgyzstan around infection control and blood safety, and formulated a program that would ensure change for pediatric patients in the country of Kyrgyzstan.

Instructor, Business Education

Deb taught a variety of business courses at three community colleges, such as “Business Communication” and “Business Management.”